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Jean-Christophe BERTHET offer you a creative gourmet cuisine and neat with fresh seasonal products in agreement with plants and aromatic herbs in a very design setting. The reception is warm and attentive. Recommended by Gault Millau.
29 Rue Martin Bernard, 42600 Montbrison. Tel 09 82 38 34 65

La Gare

Chef CHEMINAL Carine has obtained the title of Maître Restorer, attesting that the whole of the card is homemade with local products. Neat service in a classic setting. Terrace in summer. Recommended by the Michelin Guide.
30 avenue Jean Jaurès 42110 Feurs. Tel 04 77 27 09 39 / 09 82 31 64 48

La maison du Vieil Ecotay

This address to the charm of yesteryear makes the proposal of an experience both local and traditional. The selected products are treated with attention and creativity. The staff is attentive. Recommended by Gault Millau.
1 les Berges du Charavan 42600 Écotay l’Olme. Tel 04 26 24 26 68

 La Gentillière

Is a traditional French restaurant that makes you discover authentic cuisine with genuine taste, for all your meals. A friendly setting to enjoy traditional, tasty cuisine. The dishes are well stocked and the service is smiling and fast.
Naconne 42110 Cleppé. Tel 04 77 26 08 86

 Les Dutchy’s

Bertrand and Vanessa offer classic and modern cuisine. Their respective routes offer a diversified, inventive and gourmet map in which local products are treated in the rules of art.
16 rue duvernay 42110 Feurs. Tel 04 77 26 19 53

Mise en scène

Julien is in the kitchen and Stephanie is in the dining room. Both have a remarkable course before opening their restaurant. In a cosy setting, you can enjoy refined and inventive cuisine. Nicely presented dishes are tasty. The service was very nice.
15 place des pénitents, 42600 Montbrison. Tel 04 77 76 28 13

Café comptoir

A Lyon Cork in the Forez plain! Nothing is lacking: retro décor, a beautiful card that leaves the choice, priority of the chef to local products, a friendly welcome, a terrace to enjoy the Sun from the sunny days.
16 Boulevard de la Madeleine, 42600 Montbrison. Tel 04 77 58 46 77

O Rimini

The place to taste very good pizzas, generous with an ideal dough. Wide choice, always excellent products. Friendly décor and service is always fast and smiling!
29 rue de Verdun, 42110 Feurs Tel 04 77 28 73 57

Le cardinal

He is in the kitchen and concocts traditional dishes, simple and tasty. She is in the room, watching everything with a smile and an impressive efficiency. The duo works wonderfully and we have a good time. The best value for money. Terrace in summer
10 rue de la Loire, 42110 Feurs. Tel 04 77 26 12 46

wine & cie

« The wines of the Forez have the same dynamism as the winegrowers who see them born, and this for our greatest pleasure. Today they represent a diversity and a bonhomie which few French appellations can boast. They are pleasant companions at the table »


France best wine waiter 2010 / Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommellerie 2011

The domain is installed in bio-dynamie certified DEMETER since 2009. The cuvées reflect the potential of the basalts around the volcanoes (cuvée la Madone), and the different Granites: cuvée Migmatite rich in black mica, dacite cuvée rich in calcium. They manually harvest all the plots, vinify each of them separately.
Gilles BONNEFOY 1581 chemin de Jobert 42600 CHAMPDIEU
Tel 04 77 97 07 33


The VERDIER-LOGEL Winery offers organic and authentic wines in the Côtes du Forez appellation, the heart of the production but also of varietal wines and a natural sparkling wine. All are to discover in the vault where you will be greeted by one of the three winegrowers.
Jacky et Odile LOGEL, Maxime GILLIER La Côte – 42130 Marcilly le Châtel Tel 04 77 97 41


François Reumont left Belgium in the early 2000 years for his passion for wine. After training in Beaune and various experiences with recognized winegrowers, this passion and love led him to the Côtes du Forez. He vinifies today 5 vintages in a traditional way, while in Gamay, in the utmost respect of the grapes and its terroir. The harvest is manual, and the reds vinified in whole clusters.
François REUMONT Faverges – 42940 Saint-Bonnet-le-Courreau Tel 06 66 15 03

La brasserie de la Loire

The Brasserie de la Loire, was born in December 2003 of the imagination of Anne-Laure Pelloux prayer Molle after having had a real heart for the brewing environment and the Department of the Loire. Brasserie de la Loire offers 11 varieties of craft beers  developed with raw materials from organic farming. All beers are unfiltered, unpasteureated and naturally reseated in bottles. These characteristics make their authenticity and their taste singularity. They are alive and evolving over time.
Chemin du Bechet Saint Just St Rambert Tel 04 77 52 17 45

Brasserie notes en bulles

Why the name? Because beer for the creator is like music composed of different notes assembled to form a harmony. As each music is different, each beer is also and lets discover an original product that will make you travel for a moment in the universe of bubble notes. Beer is a real passion for him and he has the will to always continue experimenting to offer you ever more surprising products.
10 avenue Louis Lépine 42600, Montbrison Tel 04 77 58 05 01

Brasserie Artisanale La Canaille

It is in the building of the old source Gatier Julien that bubbles continue to come out of these walls, but this time with a few degrees of alcohol more…. La Canaille is the name of a song of 1871 and the name of all the beers are related to the insurrectional period of Paris: the petroleuse, the insurgent, the gavroche, the wildageonne… Whether you prefer more traditional beers or more atypical products, La Canaille offers styles for all tastes, from blonde to white to triple, Brown, amber. Bierology workshops to learn all about beer with a tasting at the end!
1 Montée des Curistes, 42890 Sail-sous-Couzan. Open on friday and saturday Tel 06 79 22 41

greedy universe

Philippe Bel

Philippe Bel chocolates are part of these jewels that the French Chocolaterie conceals. Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier 2004 and winner of the award 2012 of the guide of chocolate Crokers, this craftsman in constant pursuit of excellence, between tradition and modernity, has become a reference as much in France as in international. It uses beans in the form of cocoa paste from Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Ecuador, Venezuela, Sao Tome, Peru, Vietnam, Gana and Colombia. Philippe Bel is a magician of flavors and imagines improbable marriages that prove delightfully atypical and irresistible.
33 rue Tupinerie 42600 Montbrison. Tel 04 77 58 66 90


“If you think we’re going to stop there…” It is wrong to know us “, since 1882 date when Eugène Weiss, young aleuan confessor, opens his shop in Saint-Etienne, land of chocolate. The city, greedy, counted in the 1920s up to 25 chocolate makers who produced more than 10% of the French chocolate. Since the brand continues to reinvent blends with beans with promising aromatic profiles to create new taste harmonies. The Weiss House has become a flagship site of the Etienne territory. Eager to share her secrets and her trades, she opened in October 2016: Les Ateliers Weiss, a unique, lively and accessible place where chocolate, culture and gastronomy mingle.
Boutique : Centre ville 8 rue du Général Foy 42000 Saint Etienne Tel 04 77 21 61 09
Ateliers : 1 rue Eugène Weiss, 42 000 Saint Etienne

Patrick Bataillon

He is a creator of chocolates, passionate about innovation, by the refined blends of sweet and savoury flavours. Thus, its “shock” apéro “based on foie gras, onions, tomatoes, cheeses constitute a “small revolution” chocolatière. He likes to amaze without falling into the wacky: he slips a touch of originality in the simplest products to surprise, feast and savor the chocolate lovers. Concerned
 with quality, Patrick battalion personally watches to always apply the “its” golden rule: the quality of the products, the perfection of the appearance of the finished product, and a neat packaging.
2 rue Camille-Pariat 42110 Feurs Tel 04 77 26 28 66.

Charles chocolartisan

The only French Chocolaterie to make only spreads without palm oil, Charles Chocolartisan is the specialist of spreads. A squirrel for emblem, a good dozen recipes… With milk, sparkling, black, “white”, salted butter caramel, peanut, Speculum, chili pepper… So many flavors that can make everyone’s heart crack. In addition we can visit by appointment the factory!
Factory : Monday to saturday 9am – 12:30am / 2pm – 7pm ZA Les Places 2260
Route de Roanne 42110 CIVENS

Verveine du forez

Inescapable in our countryside, the Verbena is the symbol of a mild and sunny summer that we like to find in winter come in herbal tea or liqueur. This plant with subtle and intense aromas is highly appreciated in our region for its medicinal virtues and the gluttony of its fresh and perfumed notes. The producers cultivate, harvest and transform the whole of the products themselves to the property. Crops are devoid of chemical treatment in accordance with the specifications of organic cultivation, to make consumers what nature brings to us. Liqueur, infusion, olive oil, sunflower oil, mustard and liqueur confit… Vervain is in all products!
Vins du Dimanche Avenue de Saint Etienne Allée Guy de Neufbourg 42600 Montbrison.

Les ateliers de Claire

Claire’s workshop is the artisanal manufacturing and processing of homemade products: soups, jams, prepared dishes. A passionate and exciting woman who cooks, transforms, sterilizes the organic vegetables of her vegetable farmer. Soups, coulis, Chutneys jams, spice breads.
Impasse de la Fontvieille, Mérigneux, 42600 Lézigneux
Tel 04 77 58 69 25

La miellerie de la Loire

The honey House of the Gorges de la Loire opened its doors in 1991. By practicing transhumance, Gilles DESHORS, Pierrick LAFORGE and Frédéric DUGAT propose a range of very varied honeys as well as all the other products of the Beehive (Royal Jelly, pollen, propolis and wax). The honey production at the Miellerie of the Gorges de la Loire spreads from April to September. The 800 beehives for production travel throughout the South-East of France according to the blooms.
22 route de Saint Victor sur Loire 42230 Roche la Molière
Tel 04 77 90 61 82

Pressoir du Pilat

Fruit juices and Nectars all fruits present in juices and Nectars are produced within a radius of 15 kms around the workshop workshop to guarantee their provenance, their freshness and the 100% “MADE IN PILAT”. All fruits are hand picked to select their maturity and guarantee their taste and nutritional qualities. Only fresh seasonal fruit is used and in no case concentrates or frozen purees. Apples, pears, Miras, Kiwi, apricots, cherries, vine peaches, tomatoes. Our fruit juices naturally settle for 6 to 7 hours and do not undergo any clarification treatment (Pectinase, protease, gluing…) except for filtered Apple juice. The Pilat Pressoir range is the most natural possible and contains neither antioxidant nor anti-oxygen. It is preserved by pasteurization and therefore contains no preservatives. Products are kept 24 to 36 months after manufacture. After opening the storage in the refrigerator is 2 days to 3 for bottles.
1 ZA de Guilloron 42520 Maclas. Tel 04 74 56 50 97

155 Chemin des Périchons
42110 Poncins

tel. 0970 190 425