A thermal Center and a leisure area dedicated to the well-being within 20mm of the Perichons in a modern and very equipped… The water will become your best ally in your form.

thermal center

21-day cures by health organizations for social policyholders and beneficiaries (general social security scheme and special schemes), prescribed by the GP according to the patient’s therapeutic needs. The Center is for functional digestive disorders (functional Colopathies, migraines of digestive origin); metabolic diseases (obesity, overweight, type II diabetes), rheumatology (osteoarthritis, inflammatory rheumatism, joint pain, orthopedics, chronic painful syndromes, chronic lumbalgia).
Mini cure days of pampering thermal spa treatment unconventioned of a week dedicated to your well-being and your health. You benefit from a VIP reception with a hydrotherapist dedicated in small groups (6 people Maxi). This treatment is based on a special and personalised Protocol combining rheumatology, sophrology and sports coaching. Relief of muscular tensions, reduction of joint pain, relaxation and relaxation are the wellness cocktail of this mini-cure made to take care of you.
362, rue du Geyser 42210 Montrond-les-Bains Tel. : 04 77 94 67 61

les Illéades

The Illéades, an innovative and unique equipment in the Loire, meeting the current expectations of a population seeking relaxation, privileged moments and “letting go”. The concept of thermal spa was
born in the countries of the North and in the East of France. It combines the pleasures of warm water with the softness of body care. Inspired by the Roman baths, you can also find hammams and saunas to enjoy the warmth of water in all its forms.
The Iléades offer a complete range of services (indoor and outdoor pools heated to 32 ° and accessible summer as winter, River with current, bubble beds, water massage course… A Hammam, a sauna, a cold water well, fun showers and a relaxation area and a beauty salon with care face, body, massages, LPG/celluM6), a paradise of relaxation and vitality on 2500 m2, open all year, 7 days a week.
362, rue du Geyser 42210 Montrond-les-Bains Tel 04 77 200 800

155 Chemin des Périchons
42110 Poncins – France

tel. 0970 190 425