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where are we ?

In the heart of the Forez à Sander plain, a few kilometers from Feurs, Montbrison, St Etienne… the Château des Perichons is nestled in the heart of nature, in a privileged and ideal environment to relax. In the sand, pass in front of the Town Hall, turn right towards Montverdun, cross the bridge of Vizezy, always straight. At the end of a large straight line, you will see on your right the castle of the Perichons. Turn right on the Périchons road, pass past the Castle and Park in the parking lot located at 155 of the road.

Château des Périchons

coming from Lyon…

GPS cordata/ Latitude: 45.7243303/Longitude: 4.129715399999999
Take the highway A89 towards Clermont Ferrand. Exit 33 Balbigny Feurs

Coming from Paris

GPS cordata/ latitude: 45.7243303/longitude: 4.129715399999999
Take A6 direction Lyon then A89 direction Clermont-Ferrand exit 33 Feurs Balbigny

coming from Clermont Ferrand

GPS cordata/ latitude: 45.7243303, longitude: 4.129715399999999
Take highway A 72 towards St Etienne. Output 6 Feurs



To have an idea of how much kilometers seperate us !

St Etienne : 45 KM via A72
Lyon: 87 KM via A 89
Clermont-Ferrand: 106 KM via A72
Marseille : 378 KM via A7/E70/A72
Paris:  515 KM Via A71

nearby cities

Feurs is located in the heart of the plain of Forez, in the department of Loire (42). It is the former historic capital of Forez to which it gave its name. It welcomes more than 8000 inhabitants. 7.2 Km separates us.

Montbrison, historic city mentioned since the end of the eleventh century, is considered the historic capital of Forez and has more than 15,500 inhabitants. From this prestigious past, the city retains an important heritage, of which the Collegiate Church Notre-Dame-d’Espérance is the most imposing illustration. Montbrison is, with Roanne, one of the two sub-prefectures of the Loire department. It is 20 km from the Château des Périchons.

St Etienne : With 171,924 inhabitants in 2016, it is the 13th most populated city in France2 and the 2nd largest municipality in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Long known as the French city of “weapon, cycle and ribbon” and a major coal mining center, Saint-Etienne is currently engaged in a vast program of urban renewal to lead the transition of the stadium city inherited from the nineteenth century to that of “capital of design” of the twenty-first century. 46km from the Château des Périchons

Roanne. For many years, the name of Roanne resonates throughout the world as a high place of gastronomy. But this pretty city, nestled along the Loire, has not finished surprising you with its old center with southern accents, its charming little port or its fashion and textile creation. 46.6 Km from the Château des Périchons.

155 Chemin des Périchons
42110 Poncins

tel. 0970 190 425