The house schedule

Each visitor must comply with the hours defined by the establishment.
Arrival room: 15 H (provision)
Departure room: 11 H (Release, key collection and payment)
Pool area: 8:30 to 22:00 (closing and night curtain of the pool)
Breakfast: 8:30 to 10:00 (obligatory out of room service)
Dinner : 19 H.


Smoking is prohibited inside buildings and especially in rooms.


All our rooms are locked. A set of 2 keys is handed to you upon your arrival: one for your entrance door, the other to open the metal gate to access the enclosed garden and parking.


Infants are not recommended. No extra beds are provided. The rooms are planned for only 2 people. Any additional accompanying person will have to rent a  second room.


Our guest rooms like all accesses and other amenities are not suitable for people with disabilities.


Dogs, cats and other pets are forbidden.


Parking on the outdoor parking is mandatory. Attention, this car park is unattended. Please park in the spaces provided for this purpose.


A WIFI network is available to visitors. The access codes will be given with the delivery of room keys. We draw your attention to the fact that the establishment memorizes all the sites visited and records the identifiers of computers or phones that have searched the internet. This measure aims to combat pedophilia, drug trafficking and prostitution networks. These recordings are likely to be made available to the police authorities in the event of judicial investigations.


The table d’hôte is possible without menu choice. It is charged € 28 per person, drinks included. It is only possible on reservation


The Château des Périchons is a place of rest and tranquility. Everyone should ensure that the noise pollution for which he is responsible is limited to the tolerable, especially around the pool, regarding the sound level of TV and for late evening visitors.


It is forbidden to bring, to consume, to propose drugs, narcotics as to associate with any services related to an act of prostitution, soliciting included. These behaviors will be immediately reported to the gendarmerie, as required by French law.


It is forbidden to bring your meals for consumption on the spot, inside or outside. The property does not have the status of a drinking establishment and only has a restaurant license. As a result, it can only serve alcoholic beverages during meals. Any sale of alcohol is prohibited outside this framework. Any intoxicated will be reported to the gendarmerie. SWIMMING AREA It is forbidden to run around the pool, and play ball in the water. The children present remain under the full responsibility of their parents and under their continuous supervision.


All our rooms rented directly without intermediary reservation are from 145 € the night (included VAT of 10%). This price includes overnight stay and breakfast for 2 people. The bookings made by Internet on tourist platforms (OTAS) display higher rates because increased by the commission intermediaries. These commissions vary depending on the partners and are beyond our control.

A mandatory tourist tax is charged in addition to 0.50 € per night and per person. This tax is paid in full to the town hall of Poncins. A special price is provided on request for all specific services of accompaniment, discovery products to take away or rental of equipment.


Full payment of the accommodation service is due before departure. Currencies are not accepted. Any payment in cash must be made in euros. Checks are refused.


The property declines all responsibility for theft, in rooms and vehicles. The property of the visitors remains under their full responsibility.


Packaging, butts, papers of all kinds will not be thrown at random but collected and put in the trash or bag.


No hygienic tampons, no cotton swabs, no sopalin, in the toilets.


Any damage, any broken object must be reported and will result in a lump sum refund on the invoice.


Failure to comply with the rules of life and instructions given in these rules of procedure leads to the immediate exclusion of unwanted guests without reimbursement of their stay.



155 Chemin des Périchons
42110 Poncins

tel. 0970 190 425